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If your organization is looking for a fun and easy way to raise money, then look no further. Lake City Bowl can help you raise money by hosting a Bowl-A-Thon.

How They Work: 

  • Your organization schedules a Bowl-A-Thon with Lake City Bowl and chooses the number of games that will be played.
  • Your organization forms up to 16 teams per shift and then advertises for the Bowl-A-Thon with our Pledge Sheets (PDF).
  • You explain to the pledgers that for every pin a bowler knocks down on the big day, that is how many cents that pledger would give.
  • For example: If a bowler, earning 2 cents per pin, bowled a 100, 140, and a 160, the pledging party would pay 2 cents for 400 pins, thus, the single bowler would have raised 8 dollars.
  • If you get just 25 pledges, your organization would have raised $200 for each person bowling! If you had just 10 bowlers, that would add to $2,000 dollars for a fun-filled day of bowling!
  • With 64 bowlers raising $200 each, you would have raised $12,800!

Additional Information:

  • The cost is $10.00 for three games and shoes or $8.00 for two games and shoes.
  • You may use our own Pledge Sheets (PDF) or make your own.

Call (386) 755-2206 to schedule today.